Current Performances

Natty and Flick's Adventure to the other World

A socially distanced interactive performance for all the family in the stunning grounds of the Oxford Botanic GardenAeronauts Flick & Natty have crash landed in the Oxford Botanic Gardens.


Hailing from another world, one that is both alike and unlike your own, a world where a human soul takes the physical form of an animal, known as a Daemon.


Together they carry a rare, sought after load; the mystical alethiometer. Join them on a quest to protect the special cargo from the evil clutches of the magisterium and help them discover the portal back to their own world. Presented by WhatNot Theatre, an interactive fun filled walking tour for all the family based on Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. 


This is an outdoor performance with Social distancing measures in place to meet Government Guidelines. Every precaution has been taken to keep audiences and performers safe.


We ask audiences to please remain a safe distance at all times. 

Audiences are asked to arrive between 15/30 minutes before the performance start time (11am/1pm/3pm)

Ticket price includes entry to the Botanic Garden so audiences can enjoy the Garden after the performance. 

When entering the Garden please make your way to the event lawn. 

Toilets and refreshment stand available. 

Saturday 24- Saturday 31 October 
11am, 1pm, 3pm 
Previous WhatNot Performances 

The Ugly



Based on the fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson; The Ugly Duckling is a reimagining of this heartwarming tale. 


Dotty was not like her brothers and sisters; she Honks instead of Quacks. Since the day she hatched from her enormous egg she always knew she was a little bit different. Join Dotty on her adventures as she meets a menagerie of colourful characters on a quest to discover who she is.

The Ugly Duckling is an inclusive, interactive physical performance for children aged 2+ with original music and puppetry. 

"Amazing time- it took us back to an innocent age...never seen our little pickle sit still for so long"-- Audience member Shoebox Theatre 2019


Everybody loves a bargain, right? But is it worth it? Do you know the true cost behind your clothes?


Meet April. April doesn’t know anything about the fashion trade beyond her high street finds, or how her spending habits affect the lives of people who are making her favourite designs. But April loves to shop…

STAIN is a physical theatre performance that follows the journey of a woman called April as she discovers the consequences behind her clothing addiction, and the disastrous impact fast fashion is having on the Planet... and the people, literally, dying to make our clothes



"Brought to light a powerful issue... loved the imagery - bloodied cotton balls and mountains of clothes....would love to see more " - Audience member Fuse Festival 2019 



Wanted, audience members!

Join us for an experiment.


3 applicants...1 job is up for grabs…who will win? 

Judge for yourselves the value of these people sat before you, you decide. 


Join Babs and Flo on the interview panel and set the fate of our hopeful contestants as we learn the struggles they face, whilst carrying the label 'Ex-Offender'.


Wanted is an interactive experience where the audience are the integral decision makers in this journey of human nature, accountability, prejudices and a packet of Hobnobs.


"An engaging piece that brings your own biased into perspective. It's also funny, entertaining and socially important" - Audience member Tap Social 2019