Everybody loves a bargain, right? But is it really worth it? Do you know the true cost behind the clothes you wear?


Meet April. April doesn’t know a thing about the fashion trade beyond her high street finds, or how her spending habits affect the lives of people creating her favourite designs.


April just loves to shop…

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STAIN is a physical, episodic performance which focuses on the West’s obsession for fast fashion; its impact on communities and the damaging implications to the planet.


Meet April; April could be any one of us but April is a mannequin. 


Our stage, a mass pile of clothes, hangers, rails and shopping bags; a landfilled fabric wasteland.

Follow April’s journey as she discovers the consequences behind her ‘cheap, cheap’ clothing obsession and the people, literally, dying to make her clothes.


An original production, STAIN combines a variety of inventive physical and visceral storytelling methods including puppetry, real life footage, verbatim monologues and audience participation. 

STAIN was WhatNot's second full length production devised by the company as a part of the Shoebox Theatre's FUSE festival in July 2019.

Audience Feedback



Divisors - Lucy Hoult/Emma-Claire Blythe 

Dramaturg Consultant- Luke Marquez

Lighting Technician- Richard


Sound Designer - Emma-Claire Blythe  

Venue- Shoebox Theatre 




April - Emma-Claire Blythe 


April - Lucy Hoult 

" Very imaginative and shocking! Great to see people speaking about this" 

"Wish it could have been longer! I want more! " 

" Makes you think about the topic, i knew it but hadn't really taken the time to think about it- thank you"

"Really polished performance! thought provoking and challenging" 

"Loved how it developed and loved the message"