STAIN July 2019

WhatNot's second full length work in progress performance devised by the comapny as a part of the Shoebox Theatre's FUSE festival. 

STAIN is a physical theatre piece that explores the detrimental affects the fast fashion trade is having on our planet, the garment workers making our clothes and the farmers growing the materials.


It follows April, a young woman who loves to shop as she explores and discovers the horrors of the fashion trade and some of the stories surrounding it. 

An interactive audience participation theatre performance.


Everybody loves a bargain, right? But is it worth it? Do you know the true cost behind your clothes?


Meet April. April doesn’t know anything about the fashion trade beyond her high street finds, or how her spending habits affect the lives of people who are making her favourite designs. But April loves to shop…

STAIN is a physical theatre performance that follows the journey of a woman called April as she discovers the consequences behind her clothing addiction, and the disastrous impact fast fashion is having on the Planet. 

The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter to our environment, behind oil and has one of the quickest growths in the history of our civilisation. Blood, sweat and tears are creating the latest trends as factory workers across the globe work in horrendous conditions for a meagre $2 a day.

Follow April as she educates herself on the fashion trade and how ‘cheap’ actually costs society far more.  

Performed as part of FUSE Festival at the Shoebox Theatre Swindon 





April D- Emma-Claire Blythe 


April G/Worker/Friend- Lucy Hoult 



Divisors - Lucy Hoult/Emma-Claire Blythe 

Dramaturg Consultant- Luke Marquez

Lighting Technician- Richard


Sound Designer - Emma-Claire Blythe  

Venue- Shoebox Theatre 

See What our audiences said! 

" Very imaginative and shocking! Great to see people speaking about this" 

"Wish it could have been longer! I want more! " 

" Very illuminating" 


" Makes you think about the topic, i knew it but hadn't really taken the time to think about it- thank you"

"Loved how it developed and loved the message" 

"Really polished performance! thought provoking and challenging" 




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