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3 applicants sit before you. 1 job is up for grab. Who will win?  

You decide.


Join Babs and Flo on the interview panel to seal the fate of our hopeful contestants, on this journey for your social conscience.


An original theatrical experience merged with a little bit of Game Show.  

WANTED explores the issue of employment discrimination against individuals who have a criminal record, and the effectiveness of employment on rehabilitation.

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WANTED is a job interview with the audience interacting as the interview panel. Facilitated by Babs and Flo, the Heads of Recruitment, and that all important plate of biscuits.


Babs and Flo guide you through the interview protocol, outlining the companies new “inclusivity policy”…but do Babs and Flo really get it?


Be the judge and jury as they encourage you to pass sentence on the contestants/ ex-convicts/ candidates sat before you…have your voting cards at the ready as they ask; “Who gets the job?”


  “After all, it’s only a little game, right? How could it possible hurt? 

Biscuit, anyone?”


A devised production, WANTED shines a spotlight on our own potential judgemental nature, and the affects of these opinions on peoples lives. Creating a space for conversation, WhatNot hope to encourage a discussion about the importance of second chances and repercussions of choice in this participatory experience. 

Wanted was first performed at Tap Social Movement as a collaboration with those working there. It was then reworked and performed at the Actors Temple as part of the Acalia Festival.



Directors- Emma-Claire Blythe, Lucy Hoult

Writers- John Collins, Emma-Claire Blythe Lucy Hoult 

Sound Designer- Rachel Luff

Lighting Designer- Ben Gordon

Composer- Jack Taylor

Operators- Ben Gordon, Rachel Luff


Venue- Tap Social Movement/ Actors temple

Front of House- Andrew Jones 


Equipment Supply- BG Productions 

 Cast- March/June

Babs- Lucy Hoult 

Flo- Emma-Claire Blythe

Jane- Tania Higgins 

Toby/Sam- Steve Rees/Yasmin Jenkins

Tom- Steve Dineen 

Audience Feedback

"I really enjoyed this- didn't know what i'd been signed up for but it surpassed my expectations and was extremely thought provoking"

"Excellent! Loads of energy with some beautiful serious moments"

"The cast and support were brilliant! a really great evening that challenged my perceptions  

"Brilliant and entertaining, should be shown to everyone for greater awareness of the issue "

"Fantastic theatre and excellent performances by all. Amusing but also hard hitting. Different exciting, fun,  social awareness- definitely recommend "