WhatNot Theatre

Co-founders, Lucy & Emma, created WhatNot through their shared love of Theatre and the many forms it can embody and empower.


Through participation and interactive elements, we invite our audiences to join us on the journey as we laugh at ourselves, ignite passions, confront our shared fears and continue to evolve.


Our goal is to produce original experiences, create connections and encourage debate…all with a little bit of added silliness.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world . Indeed it is the only thing that ever has"- Margret Mead



Meet the Company

WhatNot is an Oxford based theatre company, co-created by Lucy Hoult and Emma Claire Blythe. 


We met whilst employed together at the Old Fire Station Arts Centre, Oxford. A firm friendship was forged over coffee and cake and through these ‘chinwags’ WhatNot was born. 


We love engaging with audience members and our productions incorporate participatory and interactive elements. We are motivated to encourage a wider audience and bring new faces to the Theatre.


Sharing the experience together and generating conversation is our hope for WhatNot. 


Emma Claire-Blythe

Emma is one half of WhatNot’s co-artistic directors. She trained at Rose Bruford on the European Theatre Arts degree which led to her love of devised theatre and Spanish Beer!

Emma is the more tech savvy of the company and when she is not dancing around on stage or bringing a puppet to life she can be found squirrelling away on some form of technical stage design.

Emma’s favourite things in life are a strong cup of coffee, her cat Snax and some good physical theatre. Also, it is quite a sight to behold just how much of WhatNot set and costume can fit into Emma’s tiny Corsa.

Lucy Hoult 

Lucy is the What to Emma’s Not. She trained at the Birmingham School of Acting and discovered her love for even stronger coffee here.

In her acting career, Lucy has had roles in BBC Doctors, spent five years as a core member of Deck Theatre and peeked under a Scotmans kilt in a nationwide commercial for Scot’s Porridge Oats. When she is not devising or writing theatre shows, Lucy can be found in a nearby charity shop rummaging for costumes...she says it’s for costume but it’s actually for herself.


Friends of WhatNot

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