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WhatNot Theatre’s, BOXES is a Sensory show developed for under threes about what our
imaginations conjure when we look inside a simple cardboard box. Discover the magic when we lift
the lid…encounter hidden lands and enchanting characters, brought to life through the senses and
an un-extraordinary cardboard box.

The show playfully explores what happens when you open up a box, and the surprising adventures
to be found inside; creating an immersive environment in which the world of play unfolds through

This performance is responsive to each audience member, allowing them to become co-composers
in this world of boxes. The performance is designed for small audience groups to accommodate and
engage young people who may experience barriers to accessing theatre.

Building a safe space in which to transport our audiences to a sensory world of their own
imagination; creating a platform for child and parent or guardian to experience play together.
WhatNot’s productions are a collaborative encounter for young audiences to experience theatre,
and the possibilities of creative expression.

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