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The Ugly Duckling 

Once upon a time there was a little Duckling called Dotty.


Dotty didn’t look like her brothers and sisters; her feet were too big and her feathers all scruffy and grey, and as much as she tried Dotty just couldn’t ‘Quack’…it always came out as a ‘Honk’!


Mummy Duck promised to love her Duckling unconditionally, but Dotty just couldn’t shake the feeling she was different and that somehow she didn’t fit in with her family.


One day, Dotty waddles off far from her nest on the pond and arrives at Farmer Mary’s Farm. Meeting a whole host of feathered friends, follow Dotty as she clucks with Henny the Hen, crows with Reginald Rooster and gobbles with Tommy the Turkey.


A heart-warming re-working of the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. Join WhatNot for this uplifting, gentle interactive performance, and share in Dotty’s escapades as she discovers the true meaning of family.


Show duration 1hour.


Relaxed show for ages 2+ and the child within us all.

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